• Laptop taking time to load?

  • Will Not Charge?

  • Will Not Turn On?

  • Beeping?

  • No Sound?

  • Mouse Not Working?

  • Keyboard Not Working?

  • Spilt a Drink inside?

  • Blue Screen Of Death (BSOD)?



  • Slow to Load?
  • Not Turning On?
  • Optical Drive doesn't read discs?
  • Machine is making a "Wurring" sound?
  • Machine switches itself off?
  • Blue Screen Of Death (BSOD)?

 As with all of the problems above, they can be very frustrating, but we at OC Media Solutions can diagnose your machine for a reasonable rate of around £10. No work will be completed until customer approves.

If the symptom you seem to be experiencing is not in the list, we still may be able to assist.


01376 340992

to speak to one of our experienced engineers or click here



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